Anne of Green Gables

L.M. Montgomery,
Laurel Schroeder

YOUNG ADULT:  Pour a cup of tea and cozy down for a trip to the early 1900’s, to the town of Avonlea where there lives a pair of siblings, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.  They are desperate for help on their farm and therefore send away for an orphan boy.  Unfortunately, the orphan brought for them is a precocious, outspoken, red-haired girl named Anne.  While Matthew is quick to accept Anne, her penchant for trouble makes it quite difficult for Marilla to take to her.  Lucky for Anne, the one thing she does not lack is charm and it isn’t long before she is winning over Marilla and the entire town of Avonlea.

How nice to revisit a classic that warms the  heart and brings mischief to the spirit!  L.M. Montgomery is widely known for this classic and it is not a secret why.  Anne’s character instantly will make you fall in love.  She questions everything, while forming opinions that are very far advanced for a child.  The town of Avonlea is painted so vividly that you can see it for what it really is as well as through the eyes of Anne. 

From an audio standpoint, this book is fantastic.  The sound quality is crisp and clear.  Laurel Schroeder is amazing at giving Anne her unintentional precocious tone that makes the listener love her and want nothing more than to listen to her crazy and sass some more.  Laurel made Anne’s words colorful, which is exactly the way L.M. Montgomery would have wanted them.  This book is a joy to listen to, for adults or the entire family.

Misty Walker