Amulet’s Rapture (Book Three of Curse of Clansmen and Kings)

Linnea Tanner
Narrator: Kristin James

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Catrin, the rightful princess of Britannia is happy to be alive. After her half-brother slaughtered her entire family, she is left as a slave to the Roman empire. The commander himself has his eye on her, and disguises her as a boy to keep her safe from the other soldiers. Believed to be an oracle of Apollo, she is put to use to tell the future as a member of the Legion. The only person keeping her going is her secret husband Marcellus. Having been deeply injured, he doesn’t remember that she is his bride. Catrin must find a way to help him regain his memories of her while also evading the dangers to her kingdom.

Ms. Tanner has once again woven a deep and intriguing tale that is a great blend of history and fantasy! This book picks up right where the first two books in the series left off. While there is a recap, it would be helpful to read the other books first. The book is fast paced and engaging throughout. In a few places, the interactions between the side characters feel slightly off, but the relationship between Catrin and Marcellus continues to sizzle. The world Ms. Tanner has created is full of luscious descriptions that really transport readers to an incredible world!

Kristin James gives a passionate performance that is perfectly paced! She keeps the narrative going, creating a compelling listen. Her accents are wonderful, and she brings life to a number of the characters. On occasion some of the male characters have a similar voicing, but she is able to bring out their distinct personalities well. Her voice is easy to get lost in, making it hard to stop listening. Readers who like steamy romance and sweeping historical stories will love this novel!

Chelsea Andersen