All His Works: On the Eighth Day

Ainny Klover
Narrators: Chris Sharpes, Derek R McEwan, Alex Berry


Alex Bryn was once a famous musician who had it all: the perfect girlfriend, and the beginnings of a great career. When all that fell apart, he became a small-time music critic. It’s business as usual until he gets a call from a police inspector, informing Alex of the death of his once-love and music partner, Ciara. As his memories blur with fantasy, Alex must somehow make sense of the last time he saw Ciara, while also convincing the inspector of his innocence.

“All His Works” is an intriguing mystery with a number of surprising twists! Readers will be guessing from beginning to end. Alex is a likable man who has had an interesting rise and fall from fame. Ainny Klover taps into those emotions, as well as the ones relating to Ciara’s disappearance, with a great deal of realism. Though the story is short, it is impactful and well-paced. There are only a few places where it would have been nice to get more details. Overall, the story is greatly satisfying from start to finish!

All of the narrators give a wonderful performance. Every emotion is brought out through their words, making it easy to connect with the story. Unfortunately, there are a lot of distracting sound effects added to the production. Busy stations, an office, and light piano to set the scene… most linger longer than needed and it is easy to lose track of the narrator. Songs have been added to chapters as well. While fun to listen to, they draw the reader out of the story. Overall, it’s a very unique production that draws on many mediums to bring the book to life!

This is a great read for anyone looking for a fast paced mystery!

Chelsea Andersen