The Alien Agenda: The Earth is a Garden

James McGill Jr.
Narrator: Andrew Rowe

FANTASY: Aliens have arrived from deep within the Earth, and they have a mission—to save it! Their message urges caution from the planet’s citizens. Change their ways or they, and the planet they call home, will have no future. Though they destroy all of Earth’s treasured theologies, they confirm the existence of an imbalance between forces of light and dark. The leaders of humanity’s governments must decide if they believe these aliens who live under the planet’s surface. With one group buying into the story, they set out to be the change the aliens are desperately seeking.

Introspective and raw, “The Alien Agenda” is a fascinating work of science fiction that will leave readers thinking long and hard! The story is told primarily from the perspective of James Marriott, a man from the future. This and the aliens’ unique mission make this book stand out from other science fiction. Mr. McGill doesn’t shy away from tackling heavy topics, and readers will either find this fascinating or uncomfortable. The author asks his readers to truly dig deep within themselves as they take in James’ journey. Overweighted descriptions slow the pacing at times, however, those details add to the fascinating world building. Overall, this is an intriguing science-fiction adventure, layered with spirituality.

Mr. Rowe gives a solid performance that carries the story well throughout the book. He captures the character of James Marriott, and brings his personality and emotions to life fluidly. Some of the other characters aren’t as well done, but a nice attempt at different voices and accents is made, making them easy to tell apart. There are moments where James’ dialogue blends in with the main narrative making it difficult to tell when he is speaking and when he is merely telling the story. All that aside, the production quality of the book is engaging for listeners.

This is a good read for fans of science fiction and books with spiritual themes.

Chelsea Andersen