Reviews - Audiobooks

Delighted by the Duke
Amanda Mariel
Narrator: Anne Marie Damman

HISTORICAL:  Forced into an engagement with a man she despises, Emma Baxter decides to run away. When the Duke of Radcliffe, a widower, discovers his unexpected stowaway, he’s set on sending her on her way. But his young daughter takes a fancy to the delightful young woman and soon Emma finds herself governess to the young girl.

Montgomery House
Katharine E. Hamilton
Narrator: Karen Commins

CONTEMPORARY:  Liz Montgomery returns to her hometown in Georgia to be closer to her grandmother and to keep her promise to her recently deceased grandfather to renovate the family home. Due to some strange goings on at the house, the only contractor willing to take on the job is Jackson Dean, grandson of the man who broke Liz's grandmother’s heart fifty years ago.

Body Wave (The Bad Hair Day Mysteries, Book 4)
Nancy J. Cohen
Narrator: Mary Ann Jacobs

MYSTERY:  Marla Shore spends her days cutting and dyeing her customers' hair, and her free time tracking down murderers. When her ex-husband is accused of murdering his third wife, he asks Marla to take the case. Her ex may be an annoying thorn from her past, but he’s not a murderer. Marla goes undercover as a nurse’s aide for the dead woman's grandmother.

Wedding Bands
Ev Bishop
Narrator: Sarah Grant

CONTEMPORARY:  Callum, Jo’s old high school flame, is someone she never expected to see again but then he walks back into her life: as her sister’s attorney.  Longing to make the property her uncle left into something new; Jo finds herself in the middle of a legal battle with her sister Samantha who wants to sell the property.

The Rocking Horse
Gloria Zachgo,
Narrator: Katie Otten

MYSTERY:  Twenty-two years ago, devastation hit Shady Creek, Kansas when Jenny Preston went missing on the same night her family was brutally murdered. For years, her grandparents have had to learn how to cope such a tragic loss, and Sheriff Will Barclay has had to live with the guilt of never being able to solve the case.