15 Minutes: A Maizie Albright Star Detective Mystery #1

Larissa Reinhart
Narrator: Joan Dukore

MYSTERY/CHICK-LIT:  Playing a private investigator on television and pursuing a career as one are two very different things, a lesson Maizie Albright learns all too quickly. With a judge’s orders to find employment, Maizie finds herself back in her childhood home of Black Pine, Georgia. She has less than two weeks to convince the only PI in town that she is worth hiring, solve a case she managed to screwed up in a couple of hours and prove that she is not just another dried-up child star. Maizie’s journey is definitely not an easy one, but she is determined to find her own way, no matter the cost.

A funny, lighthearted mystery with interesting characters, “15 Minutes” will have readers laughing as Maizie bumbles her way through solving the case. To balance out Maizie’s naiveté, Nash is a blend of snarky wit and wisdom. Even in his times of meanness one will still enjoy his character and his interactions with Maizie. The case the plot follows is a bit different. Although it comes to an interesting conclusion, the execution is rather wonky and can cause some readers to lose interest. However, as this is the first novel in the series, the characters are what will bring readers back for more.

“15 Minutes” makes for the perfect summer audiobook, for listeners in search of a carefree mystery. The fun characters and easy to follow plot line are what makes this an audiobook worth listening to. However, with multiple characters, the book needs a male and female narrator. Although Ms. Dukore does give each character his or her own voice, it is not enough to differentiate and can make for a confusing scene with multiple characters present. The overall experience and comical characters will deliver a fun and interesting story that will not disappoint.

Amy Cefoldo