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HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Eve Brannigan from year 2016 and Cormac Murray from 1207 are destined by the magic of the Fae to be together.  As the vale of time is bent to bring the two together during the mag

Behind The Mask

Chalise has been gone from the Mississippi River town of Ascension for nearly a decade.

Mallory Larsen is back living at home after finding her fiancé in bed with her maid of honor.

Don't Happen Twice 

Noelle was raised a socialite, but she wanted to be more than an air-headed trophy wife. She went to medical school and became a doctor. Her parents didn't like that.

The To-Do List

SUSPENSE/THRILLER/COMEDY:  After she catches her husband in bed with a neighbor, Maggie is understandably devastated.  Her beloved aunt's death is yet another blow, but this one also hands her a way to move forward - she returns to her hometown to take over her aunt's bookstore. However, someone wants her out.