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WOMEN'S FICTION:  Dr. Savannah Callowell has everything she needs in Bitterly, Connecticut.

PARANORMAL:  Noah is from a wealthy family, but he rebels against

Fan Girl
Danielle James,
P. Mattern

NYT bestselling author Lita Banks (aka Kat Wilson), is a loner for the most part. Her family just doesn’t get her at all - she lives alone and she likes it that way.

CHICK-LIT:  The ladies are at it again! Author Rose Caldwell is going on a book tour, and her BFFs Kat, Jenny and CB will be going along as moral support. Once again they find themselves traveling in Gypsy, a hippie bus that, at least this time, has been renovated with the comforts of home.

The Vacuum Chronicles
Rick Johnson,
Natalie Alder

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Myles Mitchell is a 32 year-old geeky accountant with very few social skills, especially around women. His lack of intimacy with a woman has bloomed into an obsession with vacuum cleaners, and boy howdy, he knows his vacuums. Myles has taken up frequenting Daly’s Diner for lunch, and one of the waitresses has caught his eye.