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Sabine Harper returns to Ithical to find the rare ore cerecite. While it can be used for healing and increasing energy, it can also be used for evil, and that’s what Sabine believes is going on. In her hunt to find the cerecite, another situation arises that requires her attention.

Cole Patterson knows he has to plan his sister’s wedding, whether he wants to or not. She told him months ago, but he was sure it would be easier to handle after the holidays. Now Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, and the event planner has said no to his pleas for help.

Getting away from it all seems logical to Brandy Kane after ending her engagement. Her mother is furious that Brandy is moving to a remote cabin. It’s a compromise because Brandy wanted to move out of town. She just wants a place to be alone. Ian Hudson, her unexpected neighbor, is not happy with the new situation either.

When Rosi Sanchez wins an all-expenses-paid dream vacation to the Glacial Palace Resort in the Arctic, she expects to have the expedition of a lifetime. What she doesn’t plan for is the intense attraction she feels toward the resort’s handsome poster-boy, Austin Cooper.

In the early thirteen hundreds, Scotland is rife with war, locked in a brutal battle with England. After Robert the Bruce is crowned King of Scotland, English King Edward I takes vengeance by ravaging the Scottish countryside and capturing six members of Robert the Bruce’s court.