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CHICK-LIT:  Currently unemployed for the foreseeable future and with bills looming, Michele Nowakowski seizes the opportunity to finally use her incredible sewing skills and kick start her career.  Michele applies for the reality TV show “Made for Me”. The show has nine contestants competing for the right to design a wardrobe for Maryn Medrovovich, the soon to be princess of Montabago.

A terrible mistake years ago transformed Trish Kleerey into the by-the-book police officer she is today.

Having triplets is a bad omen during King Edward III's reign. Worse, he’s superstitious enough to want to kill his own offspring, but a kind queen saves the three young babes from death. Years later, Rowen, Rook and Reed learn their real father is the King and they are his bastard sons. Anger pushes the brothers to seek revenge.

Tempting Jo

Rafael has been Jo Sanford’s guardian angel since she was a little girl.

The Parking Space
Angela Christina

CHICK-LIT/HUMOR:  Helen Wright has dreamed about her wedding day all her life, but at the church her fiancé high-tails it out the back door. Not all is lost, however. She’s a talented real estate agent, and her new client could lead to a big commission. Helen’s luck turns south again when the flighty movie star turns out to be more trouble than a ticket to freedom for Helen.