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PARANORMAL:  Raine Patterson has always been an average girl floating through life, invisible but without problems, until the day Kaden Williams transfers into her school and suddenly she discovers she isn’t so average after all.

With Kind David attempting to maneuver the highland lords into submission, Lael of the dun Scoti Clan is determined to resist.

Marilyn Reddlin travels to Romania to study Dacian history with Professor Vamier - only she never makes it to him. After landing she’s accosted by a sexy man who says he’s there to protect her and send her back home.


Kylie James is a country music star, a divorcée and a broken soul. Ten years ago, after her husband Noah had come back from Iraq with PTSD and he pushed her away. Now he’s back in her life heading up her security, trying to find the new stalker imitating the one already behind bars.

The Guardian, a Sword, & Stilettos
Kristin D.
Van Risseghem

Zoe Jabril just discovered she is a lot more than just the average teenager. In fact, almost everyone she knows is more than that. Her best friend is also her guardian angel. Talk about awkward emotional conflict!