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Abigail is well known and feared as one of the most ruthless assassins. However, it is soon discovered that she is being used by a higher force.

Desperate to help her father, Lady Julia Hopwood searches for a book that he has been looking for to add to his collection.

The Haunting Of Hotel LaBelle

Hotel inspector Talullah Thompson and her pug, Franny, go to see what is causing delays in renovation at the Hotel LaBelle. What she finds is an Innkeeper who is stuck between worlds.

When her daughter goes missing and her ex is found dead, Bianca Archer needs as much help as possible to find her. Convinced that a commune took her child, she enlists the help of Law Foster.

When Sourbette offers to transport a pedigree poodle for a free trip to Seattle, she gets more than she bargains for when the owner's cousin turns up and makes her an offer she can't refuse. Timothy is attracted to Sourbette and immediately offers to show her around the city. Things get interesting when Sourbette's missing luggage turns up in the city and starts to mess with her life.