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Vivienne Prescott grew up in an elite, upper-class world where money is everything and connections are key. After a life-time of doing what is expected and on the verge of an engagement with all the right credentials, she still feels empty, so defying her family, Viv takes a few weeks off to travel and find what is missing in her life.

Lucy Ashcroft can see and communicate with dead people.  High school was brutal for the “Ghost Gabber” everyone thought crazy, and she has never forgotten how mean “mean girls” can really be.  After years

Paisley Bell dearly loves her small town of Savage Wells.  So much so that she agrees to be the acting sheriff until a “real” one is found.  As the candidates arrive in town, ho

Daniel Alexander Armitage has journeyed from the polite society of Philadelphia to the backwoods of Kentucky.

Boiling Point

Zoe Hargrove is a rookie bodyguard on her first solo assignment. She's to pose as chef to the eccentric inventor Lyman Prescot.