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Green-Eyed Girl

Rhine Parrish loves Aidyn McNeil. Even after all these years, and even though he left town years ago. She has a daughter and a boyfriend, and works at the bakery she owns with her beloved stepmother. Rhine is fairly happy with her life - even when her biological mother shows up after being a non-mom for 25 years.

Daniel Barrett’s friend is missing, and he needs Victoria Storms’ help. She has abilities that he doesn’t, such as being a spirit-speaker and a pagan priestess.

Home to Stay

Matt and Jessie have been together forever. They have a child and love like theirs is rare. But sometimes love isn’t enough…especially when Matt is hardly ever home due to his very dangerous job. It takes him away for months at a time, with no communication with his family possible.

MYSTERY:  Former actress and newly discovered medium Sybil Ingram is set to marry the love of her life, the dashing violinist, Roderick Brooke.  Their plans are suddenly dashed, however, when Roderick rec

Solitary Horseman

Callum Latimer returned home after the Civil War with scars that would never heal.    The ranch he now owns holds only memories of the brothers he lost and a life that will never be.  When Banner Payne, his families' biggest nemesis, shows up broken, defeated and asking him to buy her ranch, Callum can’t bring himself to turn her away.