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Duet For Three Hands

Nathaniel Fye dedicated his life to becoming a concert pianist and all of his hard work has paid off handsomely. With a grueling touring schedule and worldwide acclaim, he should be on top of the world. That degree of devotion comes with a price, though.

WAR/PTSD:  John Parker grew up with a great respect for his Uncle Archie. When John’s country called, he walked in the same boots - paratrooper boots. He survived, but came home a different man. The culture of tie-dyed shirts and love-ins was there to greet him.

MYSTERY:  Max Damiani and Piper Ingram come together in a whirlwind of death and suspense when Piper’s father is murdered, and she and her little brother are whisked into Max's arms.

Hatchlings Curse
Helen B.

FANTASY:  Anastasia is the newest and youngest of the dragonshi.  She is able to transform into her dragon soul twin, Jessian, at will. Her mate is Lord Branin Llewlyn, also a dragonshi, and their greatest wish is to have a child. The problem is that all dragonshi are barren.

EPIC FANTASY/SCI-FI:  Owen Sage is more than just a college student. He is a member of the Echo Club, a group that watches over the world to see that none of its enemies successfully take over.