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Jessie has come a long way — she has faced a hearing impairment, dealt with bullies, and now, as a high school senior, facing the prospect of leaving home and all that is familiar. Jesse is proficient in karate and enjoys participating in tournaments, until an accident renders her totally deaf.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Serena Lowell thinks she has met "the one".  Based only on a brief meeting, she moves across the country to start a new job and a new life, intending to hook up with Sam, her fated mate.  It's not going well. Her new boss hates her and a stalker starts sending her roses.

Liz and Mike Keeny run the Barrett Inn on Cape Cod.  They, and the Inn, are haunted by specters from their past lives.  It has taken almost everything they have, but they believe they have gotten control of the ghosts — until a hurricane is set to hit the Cape and they have to evacuate the Inn.  Is the category five storm headed directly for them, or does it come from within them?  The specters

Joey Bennett is a small-town guy through and through.  He runs a bar in his hometown and would do anything for his family and friends. He is also a one-night stand guy, and has decided to swear off women for a while in order to figure out how to change that.  When he sees Brittany dancing in his bar he is captivated.

P.I. Rick Cahill gets a call from his former girlfriend, Kim, who asks him to investigate her husband to see if he is having an affair. As he follows her husband Jeffrey around, Rick's life gets more and more complicated — things like missing women, old vendettas and a safe, hidden in the floor of his father's house.