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Heart on a String

Marissa is running away from her past: from her Mom passing away, from her brother not talking to her anymore. She finds solace with her grandma and her best friend, Zoe. But then she finds a balloon while out on a daily run - a heart on a string, stuck in a tree.

Bluebeard’s Bride
Kathryn Cottam,
Roberta Cottam

GOTHIC:  A dark, original twist on the story of Bluebeard and his missing wives, Bluebeard’s Bride spins an intriguing tale of deceit, the supernatural and secrets. It reads like a gothic horror novel. Margaret and Rosie receive word that their sister Helen has passed away.

PARANORMAL:  Sasha Bishop was the Slayer, empowered and feared by vamps, until her retirement. The transition to seventeen-year-old normalcy isn’t easy.

NEW ADULT:  Becca Potts had a lot to juggle - her senior year of high school and pending graduation. Unfortunately, mourning the loss of her boyfriend was also on her list of to-dos. His life was violently ended in a car accident, and Becca herself suffered physical and emotional wounds.

Shimmer (Breathe #2)

Chandler Raines is a teenager on the run. She and her dad frequently leave in the dark of night, from one city to the next leading them to Lafayette, Louisiana. The threat of discovery weighed heavily on every choice and decision she and her dad made…prior to Lafayette.