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Beyond the Sun – Dark Order of the Dragon #1
Sandra Bischoff
Michelle Sparks

PARANORMAL:  Jared Bonatelli, the youngest son of one of the founding families of the Conservatorship of the Dark Order, is still recovering after the loss of his childhood sweetheart and fiancée at the h

Manhattan Lockdown

CNF:  "Manhattan Lockdown" was not reviewed due to certain scenes that are not reviewable by InD'tale. 

Michael Sawyer

Fallen Ashes

Fallen has spent her life in hiding and on the run.  Now she finds herself locked in a cell with a very real danger of death if anyone discovers she is truly the last of the dragon shifter race.  The only

Chilled to the Bones
Linda Lee

MYSTERY:  After her mother is killed in a car accident, Dealer finds a mysterious old trunk in her attic while sorting through memories.  Among all the intriguing papers, she discovers a locket with the p

A Suitable Affair

Lady Susanna Macalister is not at all what she seems.  Rich, titled and beautiful, she is the epitome of what a “proper” prospect for a wife should be.  But little does society know that Susanna is so ver