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While rehabilitating from a career-ending car accident, professional tennis player Logan Collins travels to Montana where he has inherited his uncle’s ranch.  His plan is to sell it and return to his life in New York, but discovers that a stipulation in the will is that he must live on the ranch for six months before being allowed to sell.  When visiting his uncle’s favorite local chocolate sho

In the reign of Charles II being Catholic is against the law.  There’s much religious intolerance simmering beneath the surface, especially as it’s thought that Charles’ brother James has secretly convert

No Life but This

Abigail Garsson has led a life governed by family circumstances and other people. With the determination to forge a new life not controlled by others, she goes on a vacation to São Miguel in the Azores. As she experiences exciting adventures with her tour group Abigail soon gains much needed self-confidence and in the process, discovers her attraction to tour host Santos Carregado.

The Girl on the Beach
Morton S

Ellie Gordon leaves her troubled past behind and starts a new life with her son in Borteen, convinced that it is the perfect place to keep them safe.

Chloe Green has her career and life all mapped out and will not veer from her purpose. However, her plan encounters a major obstacle when Paynter enters her life, causing complications and disorder. Not only is he the sexiest man she’s ever encountered, but he is also her next-door neighbor, and happens to be living in the home of her dreams.