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Gaby Conte's divorce has left her with a real fear of commitment, so at present the last thing on her mind is of falling in love again. That is, until she meets Silvio while vacationing in Italy.

The Bride's Curse

Kelly Andrews is the owner of Wedding Bliss, a bridal and wedding planning business, and fears that a rumor about one of her bridal gowns having a curse will sink her once-thriving business.

Eighteen-year old Lucky McLaren is a U.S. Army Air Service pilot in the Great War of 1918.

Being raised by a former soldier and single father is only part of the reason Autumn has sworn off all things military. When she receives devastating news, she turns to her motorcycle repair shop as a means of solace.

Once Upon a Regency: Timeless Tales and Fables
Samantha Grace, Amanda Mariel, Meara Platt, Allison Merritt, Ari Thatcher,
Dawn Brower, Sue London, Lynne Barron, Tammy Andresen

Once upon a time, in lands far away nine ladies all found themselves in differing circumstances. Claudine must save her theatre and troupe, but will Russell fulfill his role? A lowly dressmaker captures an Earl’s heart.