Recent Reviews

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Christopher Rinaldi is a playboy on a fast track to success in the investment world, when he finds himself attracted to the barista at his usual coffee shop - a quirky young woman from his past, who is everything he thought he never wanted. Gina Giancarlo has lived with autism all her life and developed the coping mechanisms needed to function.

Maddie Smith grew up in a foster care system that left scars on her soul. She doesn’t believe in God anymore and throws herself into her job as an ICU nurse.

MYSTERY:  Matthew, Viscount Rathbourne, meets his new neighbors, the Countess of Ashburn and her daughter, Kathleen, poaching trout on his family’s land.

Harvest Blessings

Tacy Clark is summoned home to visit her ailing aunt at the family orchard, but finds out her aunt didn’t ask her back - it was her maddening new neighbor, Brody Clark. Without the apples harvested from the orchard, the town won’t have enough funds for the all-day preschool that Brody needs for his little girl. The only way to get those apples harvested is to get Tacy home and helping.

Jesus and Magdalene

SATIRE/HUMOR:  Jesus, Son of God has returned to Earth for the second time. With no fanfare, no miracles to display and no disciples to teach, he meets Magdalene, an environmental activist.