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Building Mr. Darcy

Jane Austen set the bar for romantic male leads extremely high when she introduced the world to Mr. Darcy back in the nineteenth century. But programmer Zoe Bunsen wants to do even better: she wants to create the perfect man… in the form of an artificial intelligence program that looks, talks, and thinks exactly like the fictional Mr. Darcy. 

After September

Rose Davis has had a horrible year: she is trying to come to terms with her divorce from her husband of over twenty years after he left her for a woman half his age.

TIME TRAVEL:  Alys Dewitt’s sister has insisted on a Regency-themed wedding when she marries the Duke of Weston at his estate in Kent.  Alys just can’t wait for it all

SUPERNATURAL:  Jesse Graham is the newest teacher at the elite St. Bartholomew Academy for Girls. She is also the heir to the Wyndham fortune and her family founded the school.

Longing for Home

When we meet Irena Marie Preseren, she is 17 years old and preparing to pass through Ellis Island.