Recent Reviews

WESTERN:  Ty Morgan and Tom Brandt are businesses partners but in truth, Tom is more like a father to him. When a stroke leaves Tom unable to conduct his business interests, his daughter Monica steps in.

MEDIEVAL:  Following his northern quest with Cortez de Bretagne, Sir Drake de Winter retreats to London, where his heroic actions result in an unwanted bride as a reward.


Raylene works in her aunt’s diner, where she bemoans the fact that nothing ever happens to her.

Down The Wormhole

PARANORMAL:  All Kitty can be sure of is that she was an orphan and her former tutor liked cats. Now she is being pursued by a sorcerer who wants her to have his child.

So I Married a Rockstar

After finding herself fired, Lauren Raines somehow manages to end up on the tour bus of the band Roadkill. She knows what rock stars are like: complete bad boys whose relationships with women generally last one night.