Recent Reviews

Beyond Love
Barbara J.

After the car accident that took her husband and son away and her own lengthy recovery, Michael McCall is ready to go back to the university and teach. This makes the appearance of an eight-year-old runaway named David somewhat inconvenient. After returning David to his arrogant father, Dr. Richard Hampton, her life should have been back on track.

Water So Deep

PARANORMAL:  Emma Harris is many things. She’s a daughter, sister, friend, high school student, as of recently an outcast and, oh, yeah, a mermaid. The latter might’ve been cool if not for the fact that her time on dry land is running out. Emma’s own body is betraying her, requiring the sea so often now.

Cody Bond needs a permanent spot on the Giant’s baseball team. He’s a talented catcher, but knows chances like this are one in a million. So when one of his potential teammates needs a favor, he’s not about to turn him down—even if it means playing polo for his kid sister. He’s so out of his league - in more ways than one.

FANTASY:  Lord Dentin has no illusions. He may be the second most respected man in Rhynan, but he also knows he is probably the most hated. It may not be the kind of notoriety he hoped for, but it helps him do what is needed—namely, upholding the law and protecting the innocent. That used to be enough - more than enough, until he met Elsa Reeve.

The Gryphon and His Thief
Karen Michelle

NEW ADULT:  Being cursed sucks. Darrien Andros didn’t realize how badly until Calli stole into his life—quite literally. Now, he’s questioning his existence, the curse that binds him, and how he can convince Calli to believe she’s his forever love.