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Music teacher Virginia Manning cannot help but think about her dream of becoming a concert clarinetist - a dream that was taken away from her.

Having had enough of relationships with bad boys, Valerie Peters wants to live her life the way she wants and not how a man dictates.

A Night of Passion

Three years after the death of her childhood sweetheart, Prue Granger finds herself in the arms of a handsome stranger for just one night.

India is desperate to get away and is fighting to get back her memories after a traumatic incident. She takes a job at a hotel development overseen by Lucas Morgan.

The Election Connection

After losing her husband, Lily Ashton put her pain into action by starting a charity for war widows, which doesn't leave her any time for love or relationships. Congressman Ford Richardson has a campaign to focus on and his friend Lily is the ideal companion for those events.