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Cole and Tatum used to be together until tragedy broke both their hearts. Cole did what he thought was best for Tatum: he let her go. Five years later, Tatum returns and they meet up again. As they get to know each other once more, they both realize that what they felt for each other remains strong.

Mary finds herself in a predicament when Samuel, the man she loves, leaves her single and pregnant. Benjamin, who is shunned by the people of St.

Flower shop owner Melody Clutterback has a cheerful disposition and a resolve to win the heart of Will Darling, the sexy engineer who happens to be a rigid perfectionist and doesn’t know how to relax and enjoy life. When their employers team them up in the company’s orienteering competition, Will’s purposeful and focused life becomes chaotic due to Melody’s vivacious demeanor and sexy manner.

FANTASY:  Princess Anastasia has plans to study at a Collegium.

Thistle Inferno
Aaron Michael

Cavatica "Cavvy" Weller is returning from a cattle drive to find she is wanted by the police because her friend Micaiah Hoyt has the chalkdrive. The chalkdrive is a device much like a USB that holds the cure for the Sterility Epidemic. The Sterility Epidemic has resulted in nine out of ten males being sterile.