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Pride and Penitence

Georgiana, Duchess of Bridgewater, is getting ready to move from London to Bath. While her daughter, Maisie, is helping her pack she comes across an unfamiliar box and before Georgie can stop her, Maisie has the lid off and is looking at the contents in wonder. There are dozens of love letters that she proceeds to open and read and realizes they aren’t from her father.

As much as she protested leaving Cutter’s Creek, Montana, Jennie finds herself in a covered wagon on her way to Deadwood, South Dakota with her married sister, Ruby, and their six sisters.

Socialite LuAnn Sparks has hit bottom. Within a year, she loses her husband, his company goes bankrupt, and she loses his pension.

Patience Grey has much to prove — not only to herself but to her brothers.

New Attitude
Kathryn R.

CHICK-LIT:  Kira returns home from competing on a reality design TV show to discover her husband has left her and her five year-old daughter.