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Beneath The Lake

TIME TRAVEL:  Angry and hurt, Lacey Montgomery runs out of her friend’s party in rural Georgia and straight into a time portal.  Bobby Reynolds is everyone woman’s dream in 1949 but he’s suddenly taken with Lacy Montgomery, and a

Frequent cancellations give flight attendant Rayne Jackson time to investigate international cities.  Delta Force member, Keane “Ghost” Bryson is living a secret life in service for his country.  When the two meet in a London air

Not only was Vietnam a historic point in American history, it was momentous for SEAL team member Jack “Cowboy” Kerr.  Cowboy’s boots and jeans might have given rise to his name but his city-slicker upbringing didn’t prepare him f

WESTERN:  When Marlena Beauregard’s dream of becoming an opera singer materializes, she immediately jumps, even though it means leaving her home, family and friends in the West to study amidst Boston’s high society.  It doesn’t take long

Kate Berlin is working hard to establish a name for herself in the incredibly competitive world of sports agents.  So, when the opportunity to represent the famous, yet hot-headed baseball star, Nick Rome, lands in her lap, how can she r