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TIME TRAVEL/FANTASY:  In this story the souls of comatose patients ‘travel’ to one of two places: if heaven-bound, to a place called Paradise Valley; if evil exists in their souls, they go to the Dark Lands.

Captain Aidan Conley’s young wife died in a fire ten years earlier. After a thorough investigation, his father, the chief of Somewhere FD at the time, hadn’t found any evidence to prove his own son had set it, although that didn’t keep rumors from flying.

NEW ADULT:  Rowan Martin is about to deliver a child - alone and terrified.  When baby-daddy abandons her at the hospital, she credits it to her vindictive, verbally abusive mother’s claims: she’s cursed, worthless, unlovable, and destined to be alone, just like all the other Martin women.

Victoria is a vampire hundreds of years old, but eternally stuck looking as though she is a teenager.

Beneath the Stones

SOUTHERN GOTHIC:  With Ashby Overton’s writing career progressing nicely and an upcoming wedding on the horizon, she can now assume the role of caretaker to her family’s beloved antebellum plantation.