Recent Reviews

HISTORICAL/PARANORMAL:  During World War II, Kit Cavendish and her younger brother Leighton are shipped off to Wales, to live with a family they’ve never met.  Kit struggles with an unknown illness that affects her ability to walk. She’s bound to a wheelchair, but according to her new doctor in Wales, she might walk one day – if only she puts her mind to it.

The Outcasts

MULTICULTURAL:  All the village wives warn Alice about Hunter, the mysterious, strong man who was born of an English mother and a native Australian father, and who has been the town’s outcast for years.

Circle of Secrets

At first glance, Marissa and Helen seem to have nothing in common. Helen is an older woman, a grandmother, who enjoys spending Mother’s Day with her grandchildren, and who works part time at a local hospital.

Chad Whitman is a player with the ladies and has responsibility of running the family diner. Things need to change, and his recent interest in microbrewed beer just may be the answer. He heads to a microbrewery in Seattle to check out the beer and their set up.

Layers (Stark #1)

Hayley and Natasha are roommates and best friends living in San Francisco. It’s a wild night out with their third bestie, Ian, who models and prefers men.