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A Knight for Kallen

Kallen de Mangeron has lived in a convent all of her life. When a new Mother Superior tells her of a family she has never heard of she is thrilled to meet them. When her family sends an escort to take her to her new home, she never imagines that she will find love on her journey.

PARANORMAL:  Thierry Thackery has two choices: become a Marshall or return to the fae realm forever. When she meets her new partner, Shaw, she isn’t sure what to think. There is definitely chemistry between the two but Thierry knows that she has been given a job and she must execute it to the best of her abilities. Shaw, on the other hand, wants to figure out what Thierry is really made of.

CHICK-LIT/WOMEN'S FICTION:  Bridgette Reynolds is the perfect leading lady in her own life. At least she thinks she is, until her boyfriend decides she isn’t the leading lady he is looking for.

LEGAL:  Brent Marks is almost the perfect lawyer: although some events get complicated beyond his control, he refuses to be bullied by anyone.

Demon’s Ink

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Scarlett notices the new boy in school and is very interested. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend, Cam, notices too, and is alarmed because he senses something is not right with Drake. She is also undeniably drawn to the new tattoo parlor, opened up in a house that is allegedly haunted.