Recent Reviews

Song of Lorelei
Desiree M. Niccoli

Captain Killian Quinn is out on the Dawn Chaser, with a nervous crew preparing to enter the man eating siren’s territory. The humans have a deal with the sirens – to feed them tinned meat while finding a cure to a virus that makes the merfolk crave human flesh. Killian’s fiancée, Lorelei, is desperate to help in the study.

URBAN FANTASY: Queen Belle has suffered at the hands of her father, but no more as she prepares his body for his funeral. She is to take the throne in his place with her new husband, King Alex, to rule the nation of vampires, witches, and humans. The first of their duties as King and Queen is attending the funeral with all their subjects.

HISTORICAL: Lucy Fitzroy has four sisters, two of whom are married, and now her sister, Esther, is asking strange questions about kissing! Lucy cannot understand this nonsense. Percy is her best friend and partner in crime, who needs more?

Palm Springs King
Claire Marti

Austin Michaels, former rock star, is now the general manager of the soon to be reopened Monroe resort in Palm Springs. Learning how to run a hotel and manage all of the remodeling is very different than rocking out on a stage, but it’s the change he needs to get his life straight again.

The New Empire
Alison McBain

HISTORICAL: Jiangxi finds himself in a difficult situation when his father, the Emperor, dies and his brother sells him as a slave. When he reaches his destination of Wacharon, he meets the man who now owns him, Onas. He has a lot to learn and it is a shock to his system going from being an Emperor’s son, to a slave.