Recent Reviews

Reaching Kylee
Tamara Hart

PARANORMAL:  Price Hudson is a teenager dealing with the loss of his mother. While the Hudson family is still grieving, they decide to move to another city. Price discovers that his new next-door neighbors had a daughter named Kylee who vanished a month ago. No one knows what happened and they all assume she is dead.

Alanna Peralta is a princess from  the island of kingdom of Solana. One night, mercenaries hired by a drug cartel invade the island and assassinate her entire family. She flees the island in disguise, wearing the royal necklace, which represents her family’s legacy. Desperate to get to safety, Alanna boards a yacht and meets handsome engineer Gabriel Flynn.

Former sorority sister Jessica Sousa goes after everything she sets her sights on, but that doesn’t always make it right.  When her marriage is on the rocks, she makes the wrong choice on how to handle the issue.  At every turn, life seems to throw her a curve ball, and the latest is a  bad biopsy result.  Dr.

Dark Heart
Elizabeth Ellen

In Rome, in the year 235 AD, a series of ritual murders of young boys recall past memories of the wicked emperor Nero. The mystery begins when a kind physician is murdered. He held  a secret scroll that points the way to a cult. His slave, Kyrna from Britannia, is in search of this document after the murder of her mentor.

A Road Paved in Copper
Angela Christina

Abandoned at an orphanage as a young girl, Ava De La Vega had little in the way of opportunities. As she grew she learned to thrive in a man’s world, and now is a force to be reckoned with.  Ava owns some of the richest mines in Nevada, which produce gold, silver, and copper.