Real Time Detectives


The television flickers in your room. It’s late evening. You sit enthralled, wrapped up in what you’re watching because, like most others, you have to know the answers and who did it.
Right when you’re about to solve everything, the commercial comes on and you have to wait four minutes! Damn!!
So, after you see another show trailer, a new extra fluffy pillow ad, and multiple medication commercials that can cause worse side effects than the problem itself, the villain is finally revealed! It was the sister’s cousin’s friend’s acquaintance with the bum leg and a history of drinking Diet Cream Soda and eating Twinkies by the box.
And all along, you knew it.
With the plethora of true crime stories and series on the television, we have all become detectives. There isn’t much we can’t solve or figure out anymore. The fun and interesting parts of these shows is how much one can learn about the system and how things work. We see how much better and easier it is to solve crimes nowadays.
I know this may seem a different type of article than what I usually write, but if you read mysteries and suspense, you’ll already be familiar with so much of what the rest of us watch on these shows. DNA testing is routine, blood spatter—the directional projection will lead you to the suspect, and the wall with the gleaming streams, definitely arterial spray. See? Piece of cake. Luminol, petechial hemorrhaging, broken hyoid, if you’re a crime-solver fan, these words are as familiar as coffee and cookies.
For the writers out there, the shows can give so many details and ways to expand and write those scenes where the killer at large can be caught. How the hero can search out and find the villain. Seeds of a plot might be found in the lights of that television flickering in your room late at night.
I like when cold cases are reopened, and more crimes are solved that they weren’t able to back in the day. Everything has become so much more technical and faster nowadays compared to the way it worked back then.

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