The Priceless Worth of Imagination & Fiction


As an author of speculative fiction (fantasy), I often find myself talking to readers who have a simple explanation as to why they’ve never picked up a good science fiction or fantasy novel: “I prefer REAL stories.” Readers who say this usually mean to say that they prefer real-world settings—places they’re familiar with, cultures they can identify at a glance, and scenarios that could come up in their lives. Putting aside the fact that they’ll probably never be a suave British super-spy, a scientist who cracks the genetic code to immortality, or an archaeologist treasure hunter, it’s understandable that the real-world settings and scenarios are easier to buy in to.
But are those readers doing themselves a disservice by never stepping out of reality and into fantasies? I’m not alone in believing the answer to that question is a resounding yes…
Fiction is Vital for Human Development
Think back to your childhood, and the things that helped shape you into the adult you are today. There was so much you didn’t know, didn’t understand, couldn’t begin to grasp. So how did you comprehend these things that were incomprehensible to a child’s mind?
Stories, that’s how!

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