Oh Look, A Squirrel!


It’s that time. You have worked so hard. You planned ahead, used all your notes. There is a sense of accomplishment, growing stronger every minute. All your friends are leaving you alone so you can
focus. The end is in sight. And you hold your breath knowing, at any moment, you will reign supreme. That’s right, you are finally typing THE END.
Many of the articles I’ve written recently are all about what’s happening this year, and as I sat down to begin this one, it occurred to me that one of the big problems so many of us—not just writers—are facing, is finishing what we have started.
Working from home, with so many monumental distractions, has become a challenge, to say the least. It is all too easy to lose track of where you are, finding your mind has suddenly wandered far, far away from the tracks your train of thought was on only five minutes ago.
On your way back from the kitchen with that second cup of coffee, you remembered you hadn’t finished binge watching those three last episodes of your new favorite series, and while you’re there, you could also watch the cake baking championships. (You knew the other contestants’ cakes looked much better, but your guy had the raspberry filling instead of the cream. That’s the winner, right there. It was disappointing when he only came in third. The whole competition must’ve been fixed.)
Every writer wants to finish their book. It’s a mantra we repeat every time we sit down in front of our screens: “Finish the darn book.” The characters are running around in our weary minds, trying desperately to complete their quest for the perfect mate. All the stories wrote themselves in our heads as we sat outside on a lounge chair in the backyard watching the squirrels in the trees. And taking a short nap. Brilliance benefits from some time to rest.
We can proudly tell our readers we have finished three books this year—but unfortunately coloring books don’t count,  so we have to quit fibbing. I’ve said it before, many times… writers are weird creatures. Our brains don’t always work correctly. We can sit in a quiet room with a laptop, a pad of paper, a glass of our favorite beverage and   find ourselves in the perfect spot to write.
What happens?

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