A Novel Idea: What's Your Book Strategy?

Writing accurate medical scenes can be a challenge. They’re not always easy to research, and Hollywood seems to make up their own rules about what’s realistic. Writers have a challenging time trying to tell truth from fiction when it comes to what really happens in the trauma bay. There are so many millions of people writing books that it’s boggling.
From memoirs to fantasy and back again, Amazon reports 1,000,000 self-published books per year on their site alone! One traditional publisher claims they publish 15,000 print books and 75,000 eBooks per year. Add it all up to a market that publishes an average of 4,000,000 books every year. Who wants to be an editor with those types of deadlines?
But what type of quality are we seeing? What is the market for those books? How many fantastic works get buried?
It’s a question people need to ask, but no one can answer... Except maybe a book reviewer.

Getting Known
It’s the hardest thing an author has to do. Besides writing a good book, that is.
Writing is a solitary art form. You sit at a desk at home or at a table somewhere. Your concentration is in writing the work or setting up the timelines. No checking out who comes in, unless you find someone who matches a character and you study them until they see you. Then it becomes awkward. The scraggly looking guy saunters over to you with a grin, thinking he’s going to get the okay to ask for a date with the girl sitting at her computer. Or the disastrous woman smiles at the guy showing she’s missing teeth. You never know, right?
Prior, we talked about the evils of social media. Yes, that will be the part where we nod our heads and think about how horrible it is to be the one fishing for likes on a page or hits on advertising. But it happens. Getting known is the foundation on which authors must attack in order to maintain a career as a writer because it generates word of mouth about what they write. So, how does one do that?

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