A Novel Idea: The Tools of our Trade


There are a lot of tools out there that help writers become better. From websites to add-ons, it appears many companies have invested a lot of money targeting writers. What does one do when they want to start planning a story, yet have so many choices?
This month, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the planning tools that are out there. To be honest, I always experiment with different programs.
Generally, I stick with Microsoft Word while writing articles like this one. The reason, ease of use. Open Office is also a good word processor, though it lacks the professional looking interface we have with the MS Office Suite.
When I’m writing fiction, I generally stay off MS Word. It’s good to use different programs and diverse methods when honing your craft. To that end, here are a list of programs you might consider when beginning to create and plan works of fiction:

  • Aeon Timeline
  • Atomic Scribbler
  • Bibisco
  • Excel
  • Plot Factory
  • Scrivener

These tools are for novels, not for articles or short stories (unless they are lengthy ones). Generally, the best ones are software interfaces that are not so much in your face. If it’s usable for you when writing, it works! 

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