Meme's 'R Us


Is this too much?
Is this too bland?
How many likes will I get?
Will this get me banned?

These are all questions we ask ourselves before we post one of the millions of memes and pictures to the ever-growing and ever-demanding monster that is Social Media. I have been banned a few times for inappropriate jokes and images I find on the *same* social media site that puts me in jail.
Go figure.
But I always plead, “Let me out… I’ll be good, I promise.” And shortly after, they open the cell doors and free me.
Have I learned my lesson?
Probably not, but next time I’ll bring a book.
For every holiday, event, mood, change of weather, food, and whatever else may cross your mind, there are a million images that will convey that exact impression and feeling across the globe. You can send it to all your friends, followers, and more than a few complete strangers. That is the joy of a meme.
Instant impact.
Of course, the downside is spending countless hours scanning the internet to find the perfect Baby Yoda meme that says, “Have a nice day”, when you could have used that first smiley face you saw on page one of your search. You probably would have gotten more likes—and your friend Becky wouldn’t have put a “LOL’” on it.
Cats are still the rulers of pictures posted because… they’re cats. In ancient times, cats were seen as gods. Yes, they still believe they are. Even after they claw your new chair and chew on your phone charge cord. However, they are one of the most photogenic creatures, and they share our lives. Or rather, they control our lives. On any given day there are at least three million cat pictures with adorable captions. I confess. Some of them are mine. Recently, I adopted a kitten. Well, my family did, and I was told she was ours. She is, of course, adorable, and already has more followers than I do.
Work memes are always a joy to share with coworkers, especially when they’re on the verge of banging their heads on their desks or wanting to quit while screaming obscenities at the idiots who fill their building. (Not that I would ever think that.) I love the nicely cynical memes criticizing management because just about everyone can relate to them.
If you work from home, however, be careful about sharing them. Last thing you need is to have your funny meme about your boss’s bad toupee popping up during an online staff meeting.
Some of my favorites are relationship memes, showing how husbands and wives interact. “Behind every husband who thinks he wears the pants in the relationship… is a wife who told him which pants to wear.” The truth hurts.

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