The Legend of the Spiralling Cedars


Angry words and the stomp of visitor’s footsteps alerted everyone inside Soaring Cedars Provincial Park headquarters seconds before the door burst open.
Rachel raised a brow at her park rangers working behind the counter. Lacy swiveled her chair from her position at the communications desk, consisting of a radio, computer, landline phone, whiteboard, and a map of the park hanging on the wall with a multitude of colored pins. Samuel, William, and Sarah’s heads tipped up from their duties.
“This should be interesting,” Rachel murmured. They’d almost made it to lunchtime without a query or complaint.
“Arthur! I’m telling you, it’s kids and we need to report this.”
The door, darkened with age to a deep caramel color, flew open and Cynthia Meadows stepped into the park’s central, one-stop-shopping Visitor's Centre.
“I’m telling you, it’s an animal,” Cynthia’s husband, Arnold Meadows, grumbled, rambling into the room behind her.
“Rachel!” Cynthia swung a gaze, boiling with anger, in her direction. At sixty-five years and resisting old age with dyed flaming red locks held back by a green hair band, Cynthia didn’t believe in going grey without a fight. “We’ve had trouble at the cottage. Someone trashed our place!”
“Cynthia, Arthur. Let’s talk in my office.”

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