Leftovers Are For Quitters!


Yes, I know, ANOTHER article on food and turkey covering the Thanksgiving holiday. I understand why you’d think that. But…this is me, so let’s see how I can take a holiday about Pilgrims, turkey, and antacids, and make it about books.

Walking up and down the aisles in the grocery store, you grab the essentials like milk, bread, potato chips, sardines, peanut butter, extra maxi ply toilet tissue for that extra layer of softness for your tushy, then you see the large shrine of various fall colors surrounding the meal preparation materials for Thanksgiving. Why leaves and chrysanthemums should stimulate your appetite, I haven’t figured out yet, although I’m sure it would work for rabbits.

A giant smiling turkey wearing a bib with a knife and fork reminds you of a turkey cannibal, like a “fowl” version of Hannibal Lecter. (Hey, this is me.) Don’t forget the fava beans, and yes, it’s kind of twisted. The television ads have everyone celebrating, eating around the table, and keeping the antacid handy because everyone overeats—we just have to have that last bite.

Growing up, I got a kick out of seeing my mom and aunts spending the day slaving over the cooktops and ovens, arguing over cranberry sauce or just slicing the beets. 

Not to brag, but my mom did make the best deviled eggs. No contest. 


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