It's Swag Season!


As book conventions start popping up, a big dilemma crosses the minds of all the crazed writers busily finishing their latest novels, turning the rest into print, and buying new underwear and socks. The question we all struggle with is what to give away at the events we attend? What will draw in readers and persuade them to take a chance and enter my world? In other words, what kind of swag should I give out?
It’s an age-old problem that drives authors bonkers and makes readers wide-eyed with excitement. And, it’s been going on since the very beginning of book events, somewhere around the fifteenth century, give or take. (Of course, the only attendees were monks, but I bet a few quill pens were given away.)
Authors hope they can offer something different from everyone else, but not too different because those kinds of giveaways cost a small fortune. I do admire the way many authors go all out. They are like Oprah on the holiday giveaway shows when it comes to their panels, and there may be a hero under everyone’s seat. Or at least a book with a really cool alpha dude on the cover.
It would be lovely to give away some tasty treats, but food is a no-no. Try getting that pickled egg through a hot airport in June… not a pleasant smell. And then there’s the absolute rule imposed by the hosting venues – the only food you can bring in has to be completely wrapped and sealed. There goes that pan of brownies you were thinking of baking. There are usually some wrapped candies in the Goody Bag, which is always good since it helps at two a.m. when you wake up hungry and realize you’re not home and you can’t go downstairs to raid the fridge...

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