Recent Interviews

I originally met Christina at a conference years ago when InD’tale was just getting started. She was setting up for the giant book signing and I was just wandering around (a bit starstruck). She looked up and made a sweet quip about my curly blonde hair and I returned the compliment about her edgy red hair. She laughed and joked for a few minutes with this stranger (to her).

In all my years of interviewing, I don’t think I have ever experienced a more amazing story of  mega success coming from such an interesting set of setbacks.  Having to drop a name because of poor sales, not once, but multiple times, then having those names rise back up to stardom!

One of the very best things about owning a magazine is getting to meet my personal favorite authors and (quietly, of course) have giddy fan-girl moments.  That is exactly what happened with Mariana. I discovered this NYTimes mega-selling author a few years ago, and have since devoured every single book she has written.  And the very best thing?  She is SO cool in real life!  Seriously, folks!

Isn’t it wonderful when someone you have idolized for years turns out to be just as amazing in real life as you always imagined? That is exactly what happened when I finally got to meet and visit with Susan. I have loved her books and watched her from afar for years before I finally got the nerve to actually ask her for an interview. Man, am I glad I did!  She was so gracious and fun!

For our most devoted readers, this face may seem familiar. Bob was featured in the very second magazine we ever published! Yep, he has been a friend of InD’tale for that long.