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In all the years I have been interviewing, I don’t think I have ever met an author who is more like her characters than Penny Reid. She is warm, friendly, but with a bit of quirkiness that is absolutely delightful. Her sense of humor is quick and her ability to see the absurd and laugh at it keeps everyone around her laughing along with her.

Anyone who's ever read a Laramie Briscoe book would hope to find an author with a big heart and a cracking sense of humor. As our own Katy Nielsen sat down to interview this wonderful lady, she was thrilled to discover that yes, she has a huge heart, and a fabulous sense of humor. She’s also incredibly humble about her talents.

10 Year Anniversay Special!
The Most Successful
Authors In Publsihing!

Can you believe all the incredible authors we have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past ten years? And the pictures you see are just a few!  There were so many we couldn’t even fit them all on these two pages! The variety is vast but the common thread is that each and every one has made an indelible mark on our lives and we love and appreciate them dearly.

The merge of Two Giants!
Mark Coker &
Kris Austin

First, Their Backstories

Long before I met Sonali, I had so many friends singing her praises and encouraging me to try her books, that I decided to see what all the gushing was about. Well, I’m now among the gushers! Her stories are just as warm and interesting as the woman, herself. From growing up in India, to immigrating to the U.S., she enlightens and educates as much as she entertains.