Recent Interviews

Every once in a while I read a book and think, “Wow!.. just… wow” and immediately have to find out more about the author. That is how I discovered Lynette Noni. Her Prison Healer series and other books hit both myself and the world by storm, and once I met her, I realized why so many say so much good about her.

InD: Have you always lived in Texas?
Yes, I was born in Dallas and I have lived there or a suburb near there all my life, with the exception of the four years that I went to Baylor University (which is about 100 miles south of Dallas). Even my husband is from Dallas. We were even born in the same hospital just 11 months apart!

Have you ever noticed that some of the most creative people in the world are also the most interesting? They look at life and the world around them in a unique way and that, in turn, opens our eyes to all the possibilities we never thought of before! Charlie Holmberg is definitely one of those people.

For all the romantic clichés about Scotland, its history, and its people, some turn out to be very true, like the beautiful red hair and reserved but warm nature of so many of its people, and that brogue!  Oh that lilting accent that invites a person to sit all night and listen.

Isn’t it wonderful when great first impressions turn out to be true? Lucy Score is one of those people who seems to be such a bright, sunny, fun person, and when you actually meet her, she is! Only even better!  She is also quick, intelligent, humorous and just plain enjoyable to spend time with.