Recent Interviews

Seven years ago a newly-minted New York Times Bestselling author sat down for an interview with an untried, but determined new publisher trying to launch her dream magazine. Since then, both the author and the magazine have risen to heights neither imagined. And, during those years both have worked, grown, wizened, and loved every single minute.

 Have you ever had a girlfriend that was not only the sweetest, most kind and giving person you know but is also one of the most inspiring people you would ever meet?  That is the kind of person Christi Caldwell is.  The type everyone would love to know!  Rather than let the challenges of life get her down, she grabs  life by the horns and refuses to settle for anything less than awesome.  She

Jamie Beck is the epitome of the all -American girl.

I first met Kendra when I sat beside her at an awards banquet.  She was sweet and somewhat quiet. But, every once in a while she would  softly make an observation that was spot-on and often hilarious!  I ended up having more fun being thoroughly entertained by her dry wit than I have at any awards in a long time! 

Have you ever meet someone and immediately wished you were best friends?  THAT is what the experience of meeting Darynda is like!  She is warm and funny and down-to-earth and... well, just everything one would love to have in a friend!