Recent Interviews

Have you ever been in the company of a person whose mere presence exudes strength?  One who produces thoughts and ideas that seem to come from eons of life, exhibiting a depth of human understanding that few will ever know, whose well of wisdom runs so deep that all you have to do is sit with them to drink?

Bob Mayer has been a friend of InD’tale Magazine since it’s very inception.  He was one of the first big authors who agreed to be interviewed by this upstart magazine and has never ignored a chance to be encouraging since.  That’s why, when we had the opportunity to pester him about his unique and creative new idea in publishing, we jumped!  He and business partner, Jennifer Talty, have establi

 I first met Jennifer years ago as a fledgling editor and newly minted interviewer.  She, of course was already HUGE and I was very nervous!  She had her husband at her side and immediately set about making me feel at ease, all in her unassuming but warm way.  Since that fated day, whenever we have found ourselves at the same events, she has never missed a chance to quietly find me, say hi and

How to describe Jennifer Probst live?  Imagine very pretty, bubbly, effervescent, lots of energy, wrapped in a  strong New York accent and the brightest, most wonderful smile in the world (Want to see?

I don’t even know what to say about this lady... she is such a KICK! From the moment you meet her you know she is the one you would want to be dancing on the tables with, lighting fireworks in the bathroom with and singing sea chanties in the jailhouse with!