Recent Interviews

Lorraine is not the first person you would notice in a room.  Although she is a tall woman with one of the kindest, sweet faces anyone could find, she is quiet.So much so, that one must make it a point to engage her before she smiles and begins to talk.  Once she does, however, the whole room lights up!  She is soft spoken but exudes a natural confidence that is both engaging and intriguing.  H

The term, "Career Coaching" is an exciting but rather nebulous term for many, so we caught up with one of the best in the business, Robin Blakely, owner of Creative Center of America to help us understand.  With her warm and friendly personality, Robin just wraps you up and makes you feel truly loved and cared about from the first moment she speaks.  She has a knack for explaining the most intr

What was my first impression of Donna Grant?  A little bundle of beautiful!  She is tiny yet exudes an energy that is impossible not to notice.  And, she hadn’t straightened her hair the day we got together so it curled in lovely, shiny corkscrews  (a sure-fire plus in my book!

At first glance the story of Shelly Crane’s rise to fame is an almost unbelievable one - Young girl who never liked to read, but bored on the nights her husband is away, starts writing stories to pass the time.  Suddenly those stories hit it big, fame, movie deals and fortune descend.  But if one takes a closer look they will find something much deeper.  For Shelly, it truly is not only the bes

InD'Scribe Fun!
InD'Scribe Author Reader Conference

After 12 months of planning, working, scheduling, promoting and polishing, InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference was finally a reality! And what fun we had! There were so many incredible moments - from the workshops and panels, to the parties and signings -  there just isn’t anyway to describe all the amazing events and lifelong friendships we made in words.