Recent Interviews

Shana Galen first came to my attention years ago while going through a “nothing but Regency” obsession.When I picked up one of her books, however, it took but a few pages to realize these were not your run-of-the-mill regency romances, these were rollicking adventures!  Still, when I had the chance to sit down and talk with Shana, I was surprised to find that she wasn’t a “charge in and grab th

I originally met Kerrelyn years ago while interviewing her for another magazine.Since then, each and every time I see her it is an absolute delight.  Although a bit shy, her face absolutely lights up when she sees someone she  knows.  She is bubbly and warm, talkative and funny.  A perfect story to exemplify - I unexpectedly ran into her at RWA nationals a few summers ago.

Jackson Young describes himself as somewhat as a renaissance man.And, as one gets to know him, no word could better describe this diverse yet intriguing hunk.From a troubled childhood to Ballroom dancing fame, to a dangerous career in the Military, to rising in the ranks of country singer AND cover model!  Sit down with us while we try and uncover this very complex man!  InD: Your fingers are i

When most readers think of J.T. Ellison, images of hard edged cops, gruesome crimes, nail-biting and scared-in-the-dark stories come to mind -  so she should be the same, right? Wrong! Our conversation was full of giggling, gushing and laughing over all the gruesomeness and off-kilter, sometimes goofy ways she approaches her life, her circumstances and her writing. The real J.T.

Almost anyone who reads romance has seen the stop and drop-dead gorgeous looks of Brandon, from medieval knight to cowboy to punk rocker, he is as versatile as he is handsome.  But once you meet him, it isn’t his looks that truly make him unforgettable, it is his fun, friendly, completely down-to-earth personality!  He never takes himself too seriously and always seems genuinely more interested