Recent Interviews

Oh my goodness!  I was SO excited to get to visit with Tijan!  She is notoriously quiet and rarely does personal interviews or promotion. She insists it’s because she wants her books showcased rather than herself but, her stories are so edgy and intriguing, one can’t help but want to understand the person behind them. 

Rhys Bowen: Part 2!

If you read last month’s issue, you’ll remember Rhys as our feature interview!  She was so incredibly interesting, however, that we just had to split that conversation into two!  This month, we visit with Rhys about her life among the aristocracy, her observations on society and enjoy a bit of personal fun from her life.

Well, this is a first! An interview so fun and enlightening that neither myself nor our editors could get the word count down enough to squeeze into one issue without losing some of the very best parts!  So, our conversation with Rhys will continue into next month’s issue! 

Few authors ever achieve mega-stardom from just one series, yet Jeaniene Frost has not only done that but stands alongside such big names in the paranormal world as J.R.

Ever have one of those days when you’re really in the mood for a great love story but want it with a bit more emotion rather than steam?  Well, Jennifer is the author to look to!  She writes storylines that resonate and characters that are real.  Come with us as we get to know this tiny, shy sweetheart who wields such a powerful pen!