Recent Interviews

What would it be like to sell over a million and a half copies of your first book?  Well, Tracy Brogan knows!  But, before you think hers is an instant success story, you’ll need to know how long it took to get that first book published! That, along with all kinds of other interesting tidbits are what I wanted to find out when I sat down to chat with Tracy.

Wow! When I sat down to visit with Tosca, I had NO idea how incredibly rich and interesting her life and journey is! This is one of those conversations where I had to keep my mouth from hanging open repeatedly.

I was first introduced to the amazing talent of Amanda Bouchet years ago when I picked up her Kingmaker Chronicles books (a testament to fabulous book covers!) I was immediately surprised at how quickly and thoroughly immersed in those stories and how in love with her characters I became. They are rich and nuanced, creative and addictive!

What does a self-proclaimed nerdy banker have in common with an international best-selling suspense/thriller author?  Well, more than you would ever imagine!  I have been  casual acquaintances with Melinda for years but never actually had the chance to sit down and visit with her one-on-one until now.  And, I can whole-heartedly say I am so excited I did!

I can’t even begin to say how excited I was to meet and visit with Jeff Wheeler.  After having found one of his books purely by accident (one of those “on sale for a day” things) it only took a few pages and I was hooked!  His writing is rich and so tightly written that even a cynical professional like myself  must sit back in amazement.